The Kayes

One of my best friends asked me to do a photoshoot of his kids as he wanted to get his wife a framed photo for her birthday. As it was a surprise, we only had an hour to travel to the location and do the shoot before she became suspicious. Cue operation Kaye…






45 minutes later we’d done and was back in the car and on the way home!

About Craig

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer who's waged war on boring, traditional photography and concentrates on bringing out those magical moments in my own style which involves a modern, stylish approach with a healthy slice of fun!
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One Response to The Kayes

  1. Steve Kaye says:

    You’re a genius mate, to get such quality pictures in such a short time I’m in awe! Needless to say the wife was in floods when she saw the final product! Thanks again, copious pints have your name on them!!!

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